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  2. I had a set of guns that had to big of hole around the firing pin, and would lock up if using Federal primers at less than a factory load pressure. The Factory said the guns were fine and expected you to use factory loads with CCI primers Had to have them laser welded. Never had a problem after having them welded. My match ammo is a 38 colt 105 grain @ 700fps
  3. Are you certain the RPP extractor you ordered was correct for the extractor hole location on your bolt. RPP's site shows the various locations Marlin used over the years. One other thing, not uncommon on the larger caliber M94's to have to file a 45* angle on the bottom outside edge of the ejector's 'wall' for case rim clearance in feeding. Did you contact RPP about this issue? If no-you really should....... OLG
  4. Alpo, you have my permission to annoy Pat all you want ...... ........ I'll just step into this nice convenient bomb shelter and lock the door for a while .......
  5. I have a round brass bead on all my 87's. You can get them at Brownell's, Midway, etc...
  6. +1 Joe....now us "over the hilll"...make that way over-the-hill pards don't have to try to stand in an uncomfortable erect position.
  7. — Bump — Please respond to my “I’ll Take It” reply. (black, square-toe boots) What is your status? Please email to me your remit-to information, including email and phone. My email: jyacono@aol.com Cat Brules
  8. I used to have it at an annoying level. Now it's intermittent and at a very low level that I often don't realize it's there unless I think about it. I think it decreased about the same time I asked my chiropractor about TMJ. He did a quick adjustment a time or two and everything subsided. TMJ disappeared completely and tinnitus...pffft....I don't even think about it. Actually, I never really thought much about it until I saw your post and looked up this article. It seems my TMJ and tinnitus were related. https://www.ata.org/managing-your-tinnitus/treatment-options I recently got hearing aids but I don't really think I've seen a marked difference in the now light tinnitus since getting them. Check out the article. Perhaps something in it will be helpful to you.
  9. Is it made by Chiappa? IAB? Pedersoli?
  10. Good pics FJT. Really bringing back memories.....remember this one?
  11. So, I want to buy your revolver....”I’ll Take It” Have you looked at the second message I sent to you. Please advise. Cat Brules
  12. I want to shoot REALLY heavy lead slugs using blackpowder in my Century Arms lever action. It would be helpful if my guns had some sort of sights. Anyone ever add sights to one of these
  13. Figured this would be a good place to ask. And I'll say it real loud. Has anybody found any real relief for their Tinnitus? Mine seems to be getting worse. It was at the annoying to me level, now it's making me (more) annoying to others (esp. to the wife who doesn't like shouting). Would appreciate first-hand experience. Waimea
  14. Here in CA, 59% of the 2016 Trump supporters could not be bothered to get off their dead asses and vote in the 2018 CA primary. As a result, we got Newsom, Pelosi, Waters, Harris and Feinstein.
  15. The TTN firing pin is not a very heavily engineered piece - pretty simple. I would imagine your pins rusted a little (or are heavily fouled) and need to be cleaned, polished and oiled until they move with light finger pressure. Clean cap and pin well, make sure spring is not collapsed or jammed, oil well and try pushing the pin and spring without the cap covering it. It should protrude through the breech face about the thickness of a nickle when fully pushed by hand with a punch. If it will not emerge from the breech face, examine the FP tip's hole and the FP's bore hole for debris or burrs. Burrs at the breech face can be smoothed out with an appropriate size drill bit held in a "pin vise" handle and hand turned carefully. Won't be long before you spot the problem. Some double shotguns peen the firing pin tip so it enlarges and does not fit through the breech face hole. Stoegers are notorious. TTN's are not, but it could be you got non-heat treated FPs. Anyway, I'll second the part about polishing the FP and not the receiver bore unless you are SURE that the bore has rusted up and really needs to be returned to the original inside diameter. That is, work on the cheap part, not the irreplaceable part. Good luck, GJ
  16. We love visitors. We seem to be 3 hours from everywhere. Keeps things at a normal pace though. Waimea
  17. I have two Baikal's for sale the first one is 12ga it is a IZH-43E-1C-M imported by EAA Corp single trigger 30" barrels and screw in choke tubes gun is in very good used condition this was a hunting gun and had sling swivels in the stock and forearm. The second gun is a 20ga Remington Spartan Gunworks SPR210 single trigger in perfect condition 26" barrels and again screw in choke tubes. $400 dollars each shipped for $25 to your FFL
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