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  2. This is why mine are still unfired since being returned from Cimarron. I want to like them but don't want to pour more money into them. As the internals are not the same as a standard SAA, I wouldn't even know who to send them to.
  3. I shoot a sxs and prefer double loops over singles. My wife also shoots a sxs and prefers single loops over doubles. We both use Mernickle products with web loops and each belt holds at least 10 shells.
  4. I'll try and load a pic of a "massaged" cam on a customers hammer. (Tomorrow) Mike
  5. God, plus a whole bunch of His doctors, nurses, researchers, donors, and others who daily make miracles like this possible. Prayers for all of them too.
  6. Instead of getting cartridge loops sewn onto your belt, get a 2-loop or 4-loop slide from Mernickle (or your favorite leather maker). That way you can put the reloads where you want them and swap sizes as needed.
  7. I remember getting Moly coated lead bullets from Bear Creek. Frank Tabor kept them stocked up at his shop.
  8. I would never totally disable a firearm safety. One heck of a liability issue for you and where you shoot if someone is injured from a ND. OLG
  9. A great honor for an even better Cowboy and ambassador of the game. Well deserved and well earned. Congrats!!!
  10. Haven't had the pleasure of meeting Mattie, but obviously those who know her think very highly of her, congratulations. I do know Stirrup and you made an excellent choice, he definitely deserves the award.
  11. Pikes Peak Council, Cyrus...? I think I "volunteered" for staff duty at our Klondike Derby in February. I'll be prepared, too, but still ~ Brrrr.....!
  12. Shouldn't think of these as Blackouts. Consider them practice if the "Green New Deal" ever gets implemented.
  13. Last I read on that (yesterday) there has not yet been a link established. Power was off something like 12 minutes before they found him. From what his sister said, the guy was hard pressed to walk to the head. Could be that he would have died then anyway. Or maybe all the speculation, warnings, and buildup for a week before took its toll and killed him. I know that a lot has been made of this in the press and social media, but until we have a coroner's report I'm not willing to say that it was the fault of PG&E.
  14. PM sent - may be serious about outright sale as well as possible trade discussed.
  15. Some poor fella's oxygen machine wouldn't work without power ~ he died. Surprised to only hear of one.
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