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  2. I'd just buy the barrel blank. Lots of good companies making barrels. Ant decent machine shop can cut it to length and match the threads you need
  3. Interesting thread. Hope they aren't Outlaw Bullets but if they are, I would very much prefer an email or a text before seeing it on the Wire. I'll bet that's the case for ANY Cowboy bullet vendor. As far as the skips, is it 10, 20, 50, a whole box full? I put an extra 10 bullets in every box to cover for the occasional blunder. I expect that the other Cowboy vendors do something similar. I like to tell new customers, "If you like my bullets, let your friends know. If you don't like my bullets, let ME know so I can fix it." Waimea Outlaw Bullets
  4. Thank you Loophole. I appreciate it. My wife and I are adding a couple of CO detectors. We have one that plugs into an outlet on the inside wall near the garage entrance but we need to add some to the bedrooms just to be safe.
  5. It was our Honor to host these great folks from Wags 4 Warriors! Thank you to our Cowboys and Cowgirls, who helped out with this event, to Pam, Sarah, Vicki, and Penny who provided everyone with great food, and of course the Tusco Rifle Club! God Bless our Veterans!
  6. I hate fire ants with a vengeance! I had them all around my place in NC. I called Terminex (I'll never do that again) and they would come out and treat the nest and another one seemed to spring up a few days latter. I was convinced Terminex used some chemical that put the ants to sleep and made them forget where their home was when they woke up so they would build another somewhere nearby. After I canceled my Terminex contract I used Coleman fuel (white gas) and I just poured it in the hole of their nests. I never lit it though. I had a slab foundation.. I didn't want to crack the slab. It sure killed the fire ants.
  7. If your meatballs are well made, they will absorb the other flavors and be VERY tender when you serve them. If not, you'll have a more chunky meat sauce to serve. YOU CAN'T LOSE!!
  8. Maybe we need to have it put in FAQ because this subject comes up every few days. That and loading BlackMZ.
  9. I was going to Florida for a job interview and a little R&R. Just as I crossed the state line into Fla. the vehicle I was driving quit running. It was late at night and dark, but I had tools and light, so i decided to go ahead and check it out. No spark!! Pulled the distributor cap and discovered a broken ignition rotor. I went around to the back of the vehicle to see if there was one in the tool box and was swarmed by fire ants!! I swiped most of them off, but I was bitten multiple times. I crawled through the passenger compartment, (I was driving a full sized Blazer) and found that I didn't have a replacement. This was before cell phones were popular and we didn't have one, so I walked back to the weigh station, borrowed their phone and called a wrecker service to get them to bring me the parts I needed to fix my ride. I walked back to the vehicle, avoiding the back of it so as not to get into the fire ants again. It was two in the morning, so we took a nap and waited. The tow truck arrived just after sun-up and I paid him for the parts and a service call. I assembled my ignition and pulled the truck forward about fifty feet. I then returned to the rear of the vehicle to stow my tools and lo and behold, there was a five gallon jug of 130 octane racing fuel standing beside the tool box. We used the Blazer for a chase vehicle at the drag strip and always carried spare fuel, a few tools, some rags, and some hand cleaner in our chase trucks. I was STILL stinging from them damned ants and a plan for revenge hit me just as I reached to close the tailgate. I grabbed the jug of gas and walked back and found where those ants had come up outta' the ground. I carefully poured the entire contents of the jug down that hole. As I walked back to the truck, another diabolical idea formed in my head. I put the jug in the truck, closed the tailgate, went to the driver's seat, and grabbed a book of matches. I walked back to the spot where I'd poured the fuel into the ant hole. I took the match book and folded the cover in behind the matches, I pulled one match off and struck it, lit the entire matchbook and flipped it onto the still wet gas spot. KAWHOOM!! The gasoline ignited and fire shot out of the ground in half a dozen spots from a dozen to thirty feet away!! I don't know, it might have been fifty feet!! It was loud enough to wake Schoolmarm up if she wasn't already and and it was satisfying enough to me that I don't much recall them ant bites botherin' me the rest of the trip!! The gas by itself would have done serious damage to the ant population in that hole, but the matches took care of a whole lot more of the sorry little devils!!
  10. I only use APP or real Black. I found that hot water down the barrel and in the chambers works real well. No fuss at all. I dry them with in a parts dryer and then run a patch with Breakfree CLP through them. I like it better than Ballistol as we're going through a cold spell. I make sure the nipples are clear by popping off some caps before I load 'em. I prefer slick plastic hulls and plastic wad columns for my shotshells. Hot water down the barrels after a match, and the snot gets gone. Ballistol for the bores is fine. I have several pounds of Pyrodex in the workshop. I'm torn between spreading it on a bald area of the property just before a rain, or loading up in the shotgun just to get rid of it... If I shoot it, I'll need to neutralize it with a vinegar solution before leaving the range. Hodgdon says the fouling contains corrosive salts. No need to have that stuff eating your guns from the insides out.
  11. Can’t you find a .45 caliber gun barrel on gunbroker or a similar site? Cat Brules
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  13. It wouldn't surprise me if he was standing over a sceptic tank drain area and some methane gas ignited (along with some other 'starter' fuel). ..........Widder
  14. My spaghetti sauce takes about 5 hours. I put in all the ingredients and it simmers, and the flavors meld. If I were to put meatballs in my sauce at the beginning, after simmering for 5 hours, would the meatballs have picked up the flavors of the sauce, or would they have fallen apart and be just some more ground beef?
  15. I can't answer your specific question, but I have owned a couple Springfield 1911 model pistols: V16 in .45 Super TRP in 10mm BOTH are excellent pistols. The .45 Super was fired a few 100 times with ZERO issues. The new TRP in 10mm has been fired about 200 times and so far, I've had ZERO issues with it also. Normally, I'm not a 1911 buyer or shooter, but I've owned some nice Kimbers and those Springfields mentioned above and I wouldn't hesitate buying another Springfield should I get the hankerin for another. Best regards. ..........Widder
  16. Not a single youth shooter? I was surprised that they didn't give a discount for juniors.
  17. Larry The Cable Guy, Health Inspector was a real stinker too.
  18. I have the eliminator 8's which are basically the octogon and bigger grip version of the guns above and they are a dream. For 1000 bucks i'd jump on those above if i wasnt already shooting more or less the same thing
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