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  2. I bought one of the new Marlin's 1894CB several months ago. .357/.38. 20 inch barrel, no checkering. Compared to my Codymatic 73, I thought it was stiff and crunchy out of the box. Got the Marlin light spring kit and changed out all the springs, bent the lever safety spring the way Billy the Avenger explains on his YouTube video to lighten it. And, I took it completely apart and sanded with #6 sandpaper all the internal parts that move against each other. Then, rubbed all parts down and lightly oiled them and put the gun back together. Now, it feels nice and smooth and fast. One feature that like is that the rifle will cycle different size cartridges. I am loading a 125 grain Hi-Tek bullet with 4.5 grains of Unique powder. The OAL is 1.5 inches. These work great. Like Deuce said, I have some .38 special snap caps which are only 1.42 inches long. They cycle fine too.
  3. I will admit I've never read the book. As for what I would go with, it depends heavily on whether I would plan staying in place or heading elsewhere. If I am planning on staying in place, it becomes a matter of just stocking as much ammo as possible for what I have. Priority going to .22LR, 12 GA., .223/5.56, 9mm and .38/.357. If I am planning on driving somewhere, then I want to simplify as much as possible. I agree with UB that using a pistol and carbine with common ammo makes sense. One of the reasons a Beretta CX-4 Storm in 9mm is on my list of most wanted. Common ammo and common magazines in a common caliber seems like a good thing. Someone with a Glock or Ruger pistol could grab up a Ruger PC9. Otherwise, as much .38/357 as I can carry for rifles and revolvers. A Mossberg 500 (or an 870) with multiple barrels (18", 28" field barrel, rifled barrel) could pull multiple duties with the right ammo. Some variant of a 10/22 with as many magazines and as much ammo as possible. If, for whatever reason, I anticipate the need to be on foot. Then the pistol carbine idea is even better, perhaps with a 10/22 as many magazines and spare ammo as I can get, along with a Mossberg 500 Persuader with a spare field barrel, and birdshot, rifled slugs and some size of buckshot would just about be all I could carry. I need to ponder this more, though.
  4. I worked with a guy that wanted to name his son(If he had one) Dafazio, I looked at him and asked why he wanted his kid to get beat up every day?
  5. This post might get pulled. I might get warned to never ever do this again. Might even get me suspended from the WIRE. but it is too funny to pass up.
  6. Not exactly the Thrilla in Manila.
  7. Speaking of Cinnamon rolls, who got the last one?
  8. My wife's cousin was in the area doing tree service work. He stopped by and saw we had a bad looking tree about 10 feet from the house. He cut it down on his lunch break. $65 said he would have done it for free but he wasn't working alone that day. I think he used it for fuel and his helper.
  9. We shouldn't stoop to his level, although I have NO idea how any one of us could get that low!!!
  10. Needs to change his name to Moe Ron Swalwell. Then, he could get the Dem nomination.
  11. I was on the Nimitz. We also had those small cartons of "milk" The stuff we had was from Italy made by "Parmalat" I think was the name and it was what was called I believe super pasteurized. I used the white on occasion in coffee and the chocolate was somewhat palatable if cold like you mentioned. Most of the time I drank water (with a hint of JP5), coffee or coffee. Although hot coffee in the engine room in the middle of the Indian Ocean with engine room temp measured beneath a vent fan duct of about 104 might be off putting to some.
  12. DDD.. The reason you never saw any rules violations might be because the moderator might have already removed them.. l was reading that post/topic and read it.. Read all the arguments.. I feel it also ended in cowpokes arguing their points and NOT wanting to see anyone else's.. Rance Thinkin' I was kinda glad it got locked before anyone got kicked off
  13. I'm sure one of these could be modified into a Gun Cart!
  14. Today
  15. You may have missed some. There are two that disagree with each other that get kind of heated at times. The topic seemed to have run its course so it was locked.
  16. Ta Daaa!! Yep, TO should be able to handle that if they are in the proper position. If we don't watch for target engagement (while watching the gun) how are we gonna get the shooter back to the right target when the deer in the headlights hit "huh where am I?"...…."Target 3!!..double tap target 3!!" Good Luck
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