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  2. I got mine from Texas grips.
  3. Hi Chili I'm just curious as to the advantage you see in depriming by hand ?
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  5. THANK YOU USMC (1967-1974) UTAH NATIONAL GUARD (1984-1998)
  6. Bubba, you have stated it well. I don't know what will be said of me at my passing except my faith in Christ gave me comfort in my passing. But if I could write my own obituary, it would be to show thanks, gratitude, love and kindness to all those who help my life a good one, and less about me. I often feel like I have received more graciousness from my friends, ESPECIALLY my Cowboy friends, than I could ever be worthy of. I think some of the life Judge Em All shared with us was some of that graciousness that help make our day brighter. ..........Widder
  7. The arrangements will be announced on Monday. Mayes Ward-Dobbins Funeral Home is handling the arrangements. There is a tribute page at the link below. https://www.mayeswarddobbins.com/obituaries/Vernon-Duncan/
  8. [Jack has just been found not-guilty of killing Wild Bill Hickock] Al Swearengen: What's your name, it's Jack, ain't it? Jack McCall: Yes, sir! You buy me a drink, I'll make my mark. Al Swearengen: Stick around camp, Jack - I'll make mine for you. Jack McCall: What in the H*** is that supposed to mean? Al Swearengen: Means there's a horse waiting for you outside you'll want to get on before somebody murders you who gives a * about right and wrong - or I do. [Jack stares, dumbfounded] Al Swearengen: It's the paint, Jack. Right outside my joint. [whispering] Al Swearengen: Run for your * life.
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