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  2. Swallowell himself already threatened violence on American gun owners when he said he'd simply nuke them if they did not turn in their legally acquired "assault" weapons.
  3. Psst...get with the program folks. This is a Saloon Story...like the old days. If your name is mentioned you should jump in and create your part of Calico’s story. Or you can jump in and create your part of the story. This is not meant as a discussion thread...I am sure. Pat Riot - Out!
  4. As everyone already stated JUNK ! But Yes Lassiter Can Make Them Run . I made this bad mistake myself . I could NOT run the gun stock out of the box at all . Lassiter can fix it for about as much as your going to pay for the gun itself Just sayin Rooster
  5. I have recently switched back to ice trays and discovered the missing flavor that I hadn’t realized was missing until now. It’s very subtle but it’s there. Perhaps it’s the way the cold air softly caresses the top of each cube that gives it that...I cannot think of the word...that outdoorsy taste. Not like that ice machine ice that has baffles that keep the air from blowing across the top of the ice. Also, my ice rests now and is no longer jostled and banged from the ice maker process. Resting the ice allows it to sort of ferment peacefully. Trays is the way to go my friends.
  6. Dustin, were you on the Ike? I was on the Virginia. we went 120 days before getting those 2 beers in the IO. During the Iran Hostage Fiasco we had no milk and only powdered eggs. Any powdered milk was just for cooking. It was never served. We had this stuff called “Daisy Milk”. It came in little cartons like juice boxes. There was plain, strawberry and chocolate flavored. The plain and strawberry were barely palatable the chocolate was just okay. I think it was condensed milk or maybe even soy. It needed no refrigeration but was undrinkable without refrigeration. I think it was made in the Philippines.
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  8. Yep very good CM..you have a way with words 'fer sure ! So I wonder who the villians will be !!
  9. I mentioned earlier that the couple I've handled in gun shops recently seem to function much better than the one I had. This guy has some 10 videos of working on his PW87.
  10. Looks to be the same configuration as the one I have in 44WCF. I shot it in a couple of matches in 17 but didn't take it out in 18. No real reason as it shoots fine. Just my Marlins are shorter, lighter and easier (for me) to maintain.
  11. You have to use some thoughtful understanding when it comes to ethnic/cultural/family names. It can be very important in some families to connect with or continue their traditions. My wife was the first member of her family to be born in the US; they emigrated here just after WWII, after being forced out of their country by the advancing Soviets. When you forcibly lose your home and your homeland, you tend to cling to any part of your traditions that you can. My wife's first name is Dace, pronounced roughly in American as "Dutsy". Nobody gets that right, and even after explaining, she gets a lot of mispronunciations (like Betsy, Dusty, Dacey, and even Busty). But it is also a tie to who she is and where she came from, and she would never change it. It seemed very natural to her folks. And it is pretty mild compared to some other girl's names in her culture, like Gundega and Clitia. We carefully picked our son's names to reflect his ethnic roots, but to be more easily pronounced by average folks. LL
  12. Just discovered this trick this year. Mrs. LL steamed a dozen eggs in the pressure cooker; done in minutes, each separated cleanly when peeled. LL
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