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  2. I put this on the Pistoleros facebook page as the home page picture! Good luck all you Pistoleros!!
  3. All of the above except polishing slides and Alox. I still wrap foods in waxed paper unless I'l going to freeze it, then I use aluminum foil.
  4. My former boss/close friend and his wife raised Shepards and Bichons. They gave us a great little Bichon and when we'd visit their place, bringing our "Mugsy" he would take over the Shepards and keep them in line. Funny as heck to watch how well they all got along together. Somewhere I have a video on old tape, that shows the Shepards being chased all around the yard by this white fluff ball. We really miss that little guy.
  5. Agreed. Point of impact that is not in a vertical line with point of aim is something I don’t tolerate. I have sold guns that had that problem. Very few revolver misses are too low, most misses go high, a few miss wide even without intentional Kentucky windage. Keeping the POI in a vertical line with POA helps to eliminate wide misses. Sighting the gun to hit a bit low when shooting over a rest helps eliminate high misses.
  6. Any revisions to rules or conventions have to be voted on by the Territorial Governors. The ROC can propose changes, as in the "cocked hammer from the loading table", but do not just change rules on their own. They can rule on interpretations. Coming out with a new version of the Handbook every time someone thinks that wording should be changed would result in a never-ending stream of "updates", sort of like the ever-present "Windows updates". We are currently using SHB Vers 23.2, just to show you how many revisions the Handbook has gone through. For 2020 there will be a new version, and as always, there will be some updates to the wording, and clarifications. But, they are trying to keep the Handbook manageable, and not publish and Encyclopedia version. Please remember that the members of the ROC are volunteers, and as all of us, have real lives, jobs, and families. They've been doing a great job, doing the best they can while balancing work/life, and other "real world" stuff. So, give them a break instead of demanding immediate fixes.
  7. Got a set of extended grips from Texas Grips to fit my large hands as I transition to gunfighter. I really like them.
  8. Yeah being competitive is not a top priority as I will only really go to local games. More about dressing up and shooting fun guns! I like the idea of using 45 Schofield. And than using 45 colt in the rifle. I would get a matching pair for sure. Maybe eventually get some trigger and action work.
  9. Here are the first 10 shots from the same Eliminator 8 that I shot the round ball loads at the beginning of this post. I'm ok with it shooting a bit low for the reason you mentioned. But I still want an accurate load and close to point of aim. I shoot with folks that have to remember to apply a lot of Kentucky windage to hit near center - often times one gun will shoot cockeyed one direction and other another.
  10. Fast Shooting What is this "Fast Shooting" of which you speak ??? I'm two days older'n'dirt and "fast" ain't in my lexicon anymore
  11. Lots of answers to this question. I use a 200gr. ACME Hi-tek coated bullet, it has a round nose but has a lip like a semi-wadcutter, and 5.0grs of W321/HP38, 1.250 OAL, this combo work great in my Mil-spec Springfield. ALWAYS check each round with case gauge.
  12. No way I could go back to college, I couldnt keep my mouth shut. Imis
  13. Use a holster made with roughout leather. No velcro needed.
  14. Ceramic also works very well. Been using a Thumbler’s tumbler with ceramic for many yeArs to clean my BP brass
  15. To coat bullets with Alox. Chocolate Oatmeal drop cookies.
  16. (Pictured Below) - 2019 Classic Cowboy Showdown... that was held in conjunctuon with the Butterfield Gulch Gang's annual in Kansas. What a great group of classics that was! So come on don't miss out sign up for the Showdown 2020
  17. I think Willie would be a servant unless he had a specific job like a cook or butler.
  18. As of 2014, all are made in the US. The frames are made by a company in TX. If a Springfield Armory 1911 has an Imbel mark on it, it's pre 2014 made. I've not asked about this directly from a rep, but I find numerous posts online that seem to confirm it. From Bud's Gunshop, answering a question about the new "Defender" model: "Several years ago, Springfield cut all ties with Imbel Brazil They won't say who they source their parts from though, or who makes the forgings. Now all their 1911s are made in USA. Not with part outside the USA. Some of their parts are from venders in the USA they make some parts and all the tooling is done 100% in the USA as well."
  19. 4 rounds in one pistol? Big deal!! Not a safety problem and it's something a little different
  20. I thought the 60 army grips on these Cimarron Eleminator 8s would be the ultimate grip for shooting gunfighter. They are good. But seem to be a bit small in the middle and bell shaped towards the bottom. I feel like they slip up in my hands when I shoot. For some unexplained reason, the grips on these Pietta 51s feel the most natural of all. I don't seem to have a problem reaching the tall hammers. The checked grips on the Smoke Wagons and lowered spurs work well. I find that I crowd all three fingers up on the grip rather than curl my pinky under. The eagle grips on the Colt SAA seem feel the most assuring. I don't know if it's the magic of being a Colt or the eagle just forms a lump that fills the palm of my hand. It came with these ivory lite grips. They were slick as snot in the summer months. This old Colt has the grip panels thinned down about 1/8" across the middle section. Despite the lack of checking, I can get a good grip. The extra tall hammer seems to be no problem on this gun. (It was a quick draw gun in its early life.) I shot these Rugers with birdshead grips ok. But they were a bit round in cross section and felt like a bulb. Probably the most difficult for me to get a grip on are these Cimarron Lightnings. They were just too small and crowded. The light weight were of no help. Even with light 32 S&W loads, the recoil was sharp. In conclusion, the human hand is very adaptable. I think I like the eagle grips on the Colt SAA the best. Maybe the 60 army grips next along with all the checked grips on the Uberti.
  21. What is this fast shooting of which you speak?
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