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  2. Pirate Captain: "Matey! Find out fer me, what be the roman numeral for two" First mate: "Ay Ay, Captain"
  3. How many pages are we allow to write. Let start with some items: Makarov (380 acp) horrible triger, shoot well though. Smith &Wesson 6906, just me I don't shot very well with it, small sights, 5906 model no issues at all. Bersa 380 shot well only with is in the mood, tried several ammo brands and types. Sig Sauer 226 in .40 cal, shoot well but is a huge brick in my hand, bought a 9mm barrel to soot with it never installed. that's it for now.
  4. Just acquired this one from Jersey Kid.
  5. He lives in Palmdale, so you are close. I'll email him to check in.
  6. Will be tired up for a spell-ALL'S GOOD TNX for the concern OLG
  7. Aye, either that or he be not happy with what the boys did to his booty!
  8. All you need is a REFORGER at Grafenwoehr to cure you liking Rain
  9. Thank you Rio - it was smooth on my end too and I'm glad yo are pleased with it - it's gorgeous!!
  10. 40chev is here at gunsmoke. I'll let him know you responded. I believe he's looking for a saa from a specific year to fill out a set
  11. Just to add a note. I consider Shorty a friend. He has been very kind to me. I really enjoyed my visit with him, Dee (), and Doc Manos one winter About Colts, I've not used Shorty's expertise; but I only shoot Colt SAAs and 1911s. So, he knows a good product.
  12. Finally able to get handgun out of Maryland's background check/waiting period purgatory. What a beautiful handgun. The closer I look at it the more pleased I am with it. Thank you Jersey Kid for a smooth transaction. It was a pleasure dealing with you.
  13. Get an overhead light for your Dillon and take a peek in the filled case. Prevents squibs.
  14. I have an oiled Outback duster and a wool hat with wire in the brim. At Stampede in Jean Nevada, I had a wind string installed. I mention the wire its brim and that enables it to hold its shape. Here it is during a sleet, hail, and snow storm at the W. Regional at Chimney Rock in Lucerne Valley. It was a month later (November) than usual to honor Dale Evans birthday. That is Jailhouse Jim and Howdy Doody with me.
  15. "Does this wedding dress make my butt look big?" And then the fight started...
  16. I hope you trip on your cutlass, sit on your hook, get splinters from your wooden leg, fall off the poop deck, and get your eye patch all water-logged and shrunk up. After that I hope the rest of your day turns out really lousy. Talk Like A Pirate Day my crusty old butt. Misfits.
  17. Depends on whether you're countin' or doin'. Thanks for the reminder, I'll be sure to stop by an Arrrrrrrrrby's for lunch today. .
  18. I bought two rifles at the same time from the PX on Okinawa in 1974. Both were chambered for 7mm RemingtonMagnum, both had identical scopes and mounts and both cost about the same amount: around $275.00. I even put identical slings on them. 1. A Remington 700ADL was a dream to shoot. Reasonable recoil, very accurate, and everything fit very well, and it was as durable as Gibraltar. 2. A Weatherby Vanguard was much less likable in every way. The recoil was a bit more pronounced (I never could figure out why), accuracy was more than disappointing (I even swapped the scopes from rifle to rifle with identical results), and I had it to the shop three times in the first seven months I was back stateside for minor but unforgivable crap. It was absolutely gorgeous, though, but I sold it anyway...for about $75.00 more than I paid for it at the PX. I kept the Remington until we moved here about five years ago and an elk-hunting friend bought it. I told him to make an offer and he got it for triple what I paid for it, but still much less than the going price. His first day of hunting was his last and it only lasted three hours until a trophy bull got too close and stood to still for too long. One shot, 125 yards, and the rest of the day getting it onto his truck and started back home.
  19. I have an ASM 1860 Richards conversion. While VTI doesn't have ASM parts, they supplied me with Pietta parts which worked perfectly.
  20. Ruger Blackhawk .45 Loaded to 44 Manglem Plus velocity. Brutal. Don't have it anymore
  21. All ye Pastafarians show yer Jolly Rogers!! Avast!! Prepare to be boarded!!
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