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Great news, the Wild Bunch informed me that the Waddie shoot is a GO!!! :rolleyes:


A little different than last year but still our own competition…with awards to the Overall Man and Lady shooters.


This year, you must supply your own guns and ammo.


The shoot will take place on Friday or Saturday (TBD) at the Conventioneers stage. If you’re wearing a Waddie badge you can shoot it



Buckles will be presented at awards ceremony on Sunday


Thanks Wild Bunch

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Hank guess I will have to cover for you and Il b Driftin so you can shoot the Waddie Shot.


See you at EOT



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Attention waddie shooters - as of this date we do not know the number of stages in the "Waddie Shoot", but they will most likely be the same number and stages as the Conventioneers since the "Waddie Shoot" is scheduled to be held on the Conventioneer's bay. Therefore we suggest you bring at least the following number of rounds:


50 rounds for your two revolvers

50 rounds for your rifle

25 rounds for your shotgun


You can always bring more, or less, but this amount will allow you to shoot four or five stages. If we hear more reference the shoot we will post it as soon as possible.

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No big deal.....If we get busy like last year and don't get to shoot all the stages again, it's alright. I'm just glad that they are having a Waddie Shoot at all. I thought that it was a cool idea.



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