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Safety meeting appointments


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howdy pards,

i was checking the program of the EoT.

i have a question for you.

How many Safety meeting appointments are mandatory?

one or all ? :rolleyes:

thank you

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If you aren't shooting the side matches you only attend the one immediately prior to your FIRST rotation. Since you are coming all the way from Europe to shoot and it is a DQ FORWARD match I would suggest you NOT shoot any side matches. It would be a real shame to drop a loaded gun, put one over the berm, etc. during the side matches and then NOT be able to shoot EOT. However, it is up to you. You pay your money, you take your chances. I shoot side matches at EVERY location EXCEPT Founder's for that very rason. A VERY expensive side match if you get a DQ and can't shoot the main match.

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That is the one of the good things about shooting the first weekend. Since you have already shoot the main match prior to the side matches is you do have to worry about it. Although I have dropped a gun or it was knocked out of my hands on a early morning stage when I turned and hit a solid prop and it was knocked loose form my grip. It was a shotgun and was unloaded. I usually don't think about dropping a gun if it happens and it does to everyone if they shoot long enough all you can hope for is it the last gun on the last stage of the last match and it is empty on a monthly match where not much is really lost. Once you do it you will be real carefull not to do it again. I would be more weorried about a round over the berm, more people do that than drop a gun.

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