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Safety Meeting ?

Dakota Mae #58051

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As Jack says there is a conventioneers shooting bay. When I've attended as a conventioneer the was not a safety meeting expressly offered for conventoneers though I did attend one of the main match safety meetings as I was there with friends that were shooting.


As I recall as a conventioneer you can have guns in your holsters around town, but no live ammo (again in town) and there is really no place to put long guns so I've always left them at home. Also after 5 or 6 PM there are no guns allowed in town.


Have a great time!!! :D

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I ran one of the conventioneer stages last year. It was the bay that had the stages for the conveioneer awards. The other bay was the Manufactures gallery were anyone with a conventioneers or shooters badge could shoot their guns and ammo for a fee I believe. We usually give new shooters the safety meeting as they sign up for the first time. My bay is the one that you can shoot onall day. We were open Thursday Friday and Saturday was scheduled for Sunday but there wasn't any interest during the first couple of hours as it didn't apply to the awards it was shut down.


I hope this helps.

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