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Added an umbrella, just like they did in the old west…

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Having shot some matches in the rain and looked enviously at my fellow cowboys with umbrellas, I’ve been intending to add one to my cart for a while. I browsed Amazon and Ebay several times thinking to find a mounting bracket for a deck umbrella that would work, but nothing was the right size or configuration for my purposes. This is what I came up with. Nothing complicated, but might save you time looking for parts.


My beach umbrella is from Amazon and the pole is 1.25” diameter. There’s a spike on the bottom for sticking in the ground. I cut most of that off, leaving a little as a pad so the metal pole didn’t dig into my cart. I drilled out the pin holding the spike in place so the pole fit the holder better. It has pretty substantial collar keeping it in place even without that pin.

I found some potable water pipe at Menards with a 1.25” ID to fit the umbrella. Thought the black was more attractive than white schedule 40.  Cut a top and bottom piece, drilled holes for the mounting screws (larger hole on the front side to allow a screwdriver).


On the bottom, I added a lock pin to keep my umbrella from pulling a Mary Poppins in the wind. On the top, I added a knob and bolt to tighten things up if needed. To mount the knob, I used a prong nut, but removed the prongs and curved the sides so it fit in the interior of the pipe. Added some epoxy to hold it in place.


Parts list:



Knob (SKU: QNB3010)

Lock Pin (SKU: B08QMQLL5N)

Umbrella (SKU: B0B51V7JQ7)



Potable Pipe (SKU: 6899884)

1/4 - 20 x 5/16 Prong Nut (SKU: 2321075)

Wood Screws (sized according to your application. I used #8, 3/4”)


Stay Dry,











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If the wind is blowing hard enough to knock over your cart, the umbrella probably isn't keeping the rain off too well I would think.  I have a regular personal umbrella (large size) that I can bungie down low on my cart if it is raining and it won't blow anything over, but it is a bit of a hassle getting under it to get to stuff in the cart.  I've only needed to use it a couple times, though.  As for keeping sun off the cart, I'll park in shade if there is any.  My cart doesn't have a seat and I'm working any time I'm not shooting so don't need anything for that.

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In S Texas they are used more for shade than rain. But either way, if you have a huge umbrella on your cart be considerate of your fellow shooters and park cart away from “prime” cart locations as your umbrella takes up a lot of room and can be very hard to manouver around. 

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