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Need some help with Okinawan history

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Even though I spent almost five years on "The Rock" during three different occasions I still can't recall what the Prefecture Flag looked like pre-1972.


I may be wrong (it could happen, but seldom does :rolleyes: ) but I don't think the current off-center bulls eye was used then.  I'd like to know if it was different and if so where I can get a good clear color picture of the old one.....and I'd pay good money for a hat / lapel pin or badge.


It's not terribly important, but if someone could / would humor an old man it would be greatly appreciated.



40 Rod

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And along the same lines I was assigner to WERS-17 at Iwakuni, Japan after that and can't fine a picture thea unit's crest.  It was over the door of my warehouse for a year and I never took a picture of it.


 In case anyone wonders or cares. I'm building a chest with all my  Army ROTC (High School and college), Army, and USMC "treasures" on it.  I also am including state and national flags of all the places I lived over the years.



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On 5/24/2024 at 4:26 PM, Abilene Slim SASS 81783 said:

Is this it?



Close.  MWSG-17was our "parent unit" and our crest was shaped the same but was a gold/tan color and had WERS-17 in rust red color. 


The diamond shape was the same size, but the wings were something else and we didn't have the stars stars around that.  That's the part I can't pull out of my memory.  Some sort of tools maybe.  It's been about 52 years ago and I might not even get what I wrote above right.


We had a huge Butler style metal warehouse that was mostly empty storage with four offices and a head along one outer wall and two offices and a break room with cots and a couple of tableson the opposite wall.  The walls were bare and the place wasn't insulated.  That part of Japan is right on the water and winter temperatures were often well below ZERO.  We had eight tiny Herman Nelson fuel oil stoves to keep warm.


THAT I REMEMBER VERY CLEARLY ( thought I was going to freeze to death) but that emblem over the door eludes me.


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I' have decided to go ahead and use the MWSG-17 logo.


Now I have to find a 1st Log Command shoulder patch or a 2nd Log Command pin so my display won't be all bent over.  That should be much easier,

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