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Japanese Type 97 "Ta Ke" Tankette

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One of the rarest pieces of World War II armor, a Japanese Type 97 "Ta Ke" Tankette which has been on display at Camp San Luis Obispo since after World War II. 


It was cosmetically repaired and restored some years ago by the craftsmen at the Camp Roberts Maneuver Area Training Equipment Site (formerly Mobilization And Training Equipment Site) or MATES.


California Military Department Historical Collection Artifact No. 2008.3.13.













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4 minutes ago, Marshal Mo Hare, SASS #45984 said:

What’s the peashooter?






The Type 94 37mm AT guns were typically assigned in groups of four to combat infantry regiments. Each weapon was manned by a squad of 11 personnel, and was kept in contact with the regimental headquarters (typically up to 300 meters away) by field telephone or messenger runners. With the standard AP shell, it could penetrate 1.7 inches (43 mm) of armor at 500 yards (460 meters).[8] The Army Technical Bureau continued to experiment with ways to increase muzzle velocity through 1941.[9]

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i think its pretty cool someone thought to bring it back - look at what we just abandon these days like what we left in afganistan and iraqe 

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