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Northern Lights Visible from Central Missouri right now.

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There’s tons of great pictures on the internet from this area in Northeast Ohio on Lake Erie. I had planed on going out to see them but fell asleep! :angry:

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I figured that they wouldn't be visible in Florida but judging from various reports/pictures I guess that wasn't correct. I'll have to go out and look tonight although ambient city light may be a problem, ya never know. Never have seen them before.

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Slept through 'em myself.

Oh well ...

I'll follow me dear Pappy's example.

He said he missed the eclipse but "I'll catch it on the reruns!"

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Heavy overcast 9 pm Saturday on the soggy south shore of Lake Erie.

Rat feathers.

Cloudy as a drunkard's explanation!

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Cloudy here too. 

My iPhone brightened the image. I tried to match it with reality, but clouds are clouds regardless of brightness or darkness. 

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