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Television Commercial, "The Aviators"

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Kewl~!!   image.png.a9f6806df38715c93a67e52c3d1ee31d.png


I had the pleasure of knowing a former A-4 pilot.  Sadly, we lost Bill about five years ago.  Quiet, reserved, and very, very capable.  He had some terrific stories, starting with growing up a Yaqui, serving in the Navy as a sailor, and retiring as USMC Major.  Lost five aircraft.  Ejected once.  He told me that he decided then and there that he would NEVER do that again, and crash-landed four others. 


Rest In Peace, Bill... 


Tribute - Ret. Major William Dario "Bill" Jones


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Posted (edited)

Well done commercial. :FlagAm:
Have seen it multiple times since we haveimage.png.58bbad150799ac521e17f556b7fb7301.png; however, never this full version.
Everytime I see it I get



Thanks for posting @Subdeacon Joe.



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OTTO correction
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29 minutes ago, Father Kit Cool Gun Garth said:

Thanks for posting @Subdeacon Joe.



My pleasure, sir.  From the 30 second clips on television you get a sense of what's going on, but the long version brings it all together and it makes sense.  Finding that Making Of was a real bonus.  

Doesn't give me goose bumps, but things get real dusty and allergies act up. 


I've seen something like it in real life.  At a muzzle loading cannon live fire I was talking with one of the visitors who had been a cannon cocker in WWII.  After our lunch break I laid the gun very carefully on the "command" group of targets up on a hill.   Then I invited him to pull the lanyard.  That bolt hit the base of the T-post supporting the "general" target.  The grin on his face almost split his head in half. 
The guy who set up the targets groused at me about ruining the T-post.

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Thank you

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