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Santa Rosa Police Department <alerts@civicready.com>


Suspect stole an Ambulance


On 5/1/24, at approximately 7:53 PM, an employee from the Russian River Pub, located at 725 4th Street, called 911 and reported there was a subject at the business that appeared to be in an altered state.  Santa Rosa Police Officers, along with in Response (mental health services) responded to the call. 

The subject, later identified as 36-year-old Sonoma resident Jorge Sanchez Rodriguez, told the Officers that he was having an anxiety attack and asked to go to a local hospital.  Officers offered to drive Rodriquez, be he declined and wanted to be transported by ambulance.

A Sonoma County Fire District ambulance responded to evaluate and take Rodriguez to a local hospital.  An ambulance member was talking with Rodriguez outside of the ambulance, while the other ambulance member was inside preparing to transport Rodriguez to the hospital. 

Rodriguez started to walk away from the ambulance member, and then suddenly ran to the driver’s side of the ambulance and got into the driver’s seat.  He then drove west on 4th Street with the second ambulance member trapped in the rear of the ambulance. 

Officers immediately gave chase.  The ambulance turned south onto D Street and then east onto Sonoma Avenue.  Rodriguez continued on Sonoma Avenue and then turned north on Farmers Lane.  As the ambulance approached 4th Street, an Officer was able to deploy a set of spike strips.  (Spike strips puncture the tire with hollow tubes which causes the tire to rapidly deflate).  The Officer was successful in deflating two of the tires on the driver’s side of the ambulance, but Rodriguez continued to drive the ambulance.   

Rodriguez continued to on Sonoma Highway and turned south on Mission Blvd and then west on Montgomery Drive.  Officers were able to set two additional sets of spike strips along Montgomery Drive.  The spike strips were successful, and all of the ambulance tires were deflated. 

Rodriguez continued on Montgomery Drive and ultimately stopped at Memorial Hospital.  Rodriguez immediately exited the ambulance and laid face down on the ground with his hands out.  Rodriguez was taken into custody without the use of any force. 

The ambulance member was safe and uninjured. 

Rodriguez was placed in the back seat of a patrol car for transportation to the jail.  Rodriguez then began hitting his head against the security screen and kicking at the window.  Rodriguez was removed from the vehicle and ultimately placed on a gurney.

Rodriguez was ultimately booked at the Sonoma County Main Adult Detention Center for the following offenses:
10851 CVC – Vehicle theft (felony)
2800.2 CVC – Reckless evading (felony)
207 PC -Kidnapping (felony)
69 PC – Resisting an executive Officer (felony)
11550 (a) HS – Under the influence of a controlled substance (misdemeanor)

The Santa Rosa Police Department in committed to making Santa Rosa a safe place to live, work and play. 

Media inquiries may be direct to Sergeant T. White at twhite@srcity.org or the on-duty sergeant at 707-543-3625. SRPD Case #24-5192.


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35 minutes ago, Sedalia Dave said:

If he serves more than 1 day in jail I’d be very surprised. 

I'll guess time served for under the influence, probation on the rest.

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And the taxpayers get to buy a new set of tires. :angry:

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1 hour ago, Eyesa Horg said:

And the taxpayers get to buy a new set of tires. :angry:

A civil claim against him by the state (restitution) does not sound like a bad idea, assuming the state could ever collect.

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8 minutes ago, Rip Snorter said:

Zactly! And there used to be Mental Illness Detention facilities for such.

They still do. It’s called “out in public”. :blink:

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nothing is sacred anymore - never would have been considered when i was a youth , you could dress like cops and machine gun your opposition , but no one played doctor to accomplish that , 

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