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Repairman said my wife needs to cook more

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One of the burners on my gas stove has been slow to light for a while and we tried softly cleaning it to no avail.  We slowed down using that burner and finally it stopped lighting.


we called a repairman and he took it apart and got it fixed and along with cleaning tips he said we need to use it more to keep the dust out.  

I turned to my wife and shouted, @ did you hear that?  You need to cook more , maybe even constantly.  

we ate out for supper tonight so she must have not heard me.

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4 hours ago, Chickasaw Bill SASS #70001 said:

time to build a better doghouse 


  CB :wacko:

She told a friend once it didn’t do any good to put me in the dog house as I refuse to

go in.  

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3 hours ago, Rye Miles #13621 said:

Maybe you should start cooking! :lol:

She’s better at it.  The kids complain about how I add water to my cooking to make it go further so they end up with potato soup instead of mashed potatoes or chili water instead of a can of chili.  

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Tell her you will cook more, if she will put out more.
That should give you a real good idea about the lay of the land.
No pun intended.

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Already bought her several of those and since they are so heavy she is not strong enough to hit me with them.  She bought another set off tv that were lighter and I was afraid she might use them on me so I had her send them back as they are toxic nonstick pans.  

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