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Guns Old West Magazine article on the Lightning Bolt

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Hi, everyone.   

Let me plug this magazine...





This caught my eye because that is an honest to goodness AWA Lightning Bolt pistol on the cover.

I immediately ordered a hard copy, and then, being the impatient fellow that I am, I ordered a PDF copy as well.   I am very glad I did.  You see, the article has a very special couple of features.   While the one pictured here on the cover isn't, inside, in the article itself, there is a picture of MY Lightning Bolt, and I am quoted in the article!   This makes me feel very happy.

But the article is not about me.  It's about this very interesting and rather rare pistol, and I learned a lot from this well written article.  My kudos to the author for an excellent write up.   The author is billed as Alan Garbers, but we know him here by a different name.   I will out of respect allow him to identify himself at his own discretion.


Anyway, I really enjoyed the article in question for obvious reasons, and there's a lot of other interesting stuff in the issue as well.   

Thank you "Alan" for a well written and informative article.  I am honored to have been able to contribute to it in some small way.

So...  Who has the third one?   Maybe we Lighting Bolt owners could start a club or something....  :)

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Posted (edited)

Thanks. You can mention my name anytime. I’m the culprit, Alan Garbers. 


I wrote an article about Bordertown in this same issue. 

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