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Pietta 1878

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Hey JB:

I have one.

Pietta shotguns are made in the Gussago Italy manufacturing facility.

The facility is owned by F.LLI PIETTA F.A.P. Fabbrica Armi F.LLI PIETTA di Pietta Giuseppe & C. snc.


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Hey Barleypop!!


YEPPER!!  I certainly have a Pietta 1878 replicant.  Bought it directly off the display wall after it was introduced at Shot Show.  The guns are in FACT made in Italy.  They are of extreme HIGH QUALITY.  They are a little stiff out of the box because of tight tolerances.  they also have quite heavy Main Springs.  A little judicious rubbin-n-buffin eases the "stiff" part and very careful attention to the Main Springs makes them quite nice.  They also smooth up nicely with use.  I'm going to be piddling with another one this weekend.


Initially, When I took my Pietta apart, I compared it to my Pedersoli.  Same same even though Pietta say they make their own.  Pietta parts interchange pretty much "drop in."  


The guns ain't cheap.  They are, however, worth every penny.  They will outlast anyone who acquires one . . or two.


THE Prairie Dawg was also answering whilst I were typing.  I'm going to be "looking" at his this weekend.  Wheeeeeeeeee

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