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Who remembers Zzyzx?  
We met many years ago when he would drive from California to Pennsylvania annually to visit his son.  He searched out the nearest cowboy club, which fortunately was ours, and joined us during his stay.  I remember asking him how long he would be staying and his reply was something like "It didn't take me a week to get here to turn around and go home in only a week or two."  We were pretty much guaranteed to having him with us for two monthly matches each summer.  He was likely in his 80s then and shot full-bore black powder and, claimed that he added a grain each year in honor of another birthday.  Needless to say, we could easily see, hear, and smell whatever bay he was shooting in.  I just loved him!
His son reached out to me last night to let us know that Zzyzx had passed earlier this year at nearly 96 years old.  He made sure to tell me that our club had always been one of his favorites.  As it turns out he has EVERYTHING cowboy that belonged to his father and has asked permission to come to our match/es to sell it.  I'll be first in line to get something in remembrance of one of the sweetest, most memorable cowboys I've met in my 24 years of CAS.  

RIP Zzyzx aka Harry Campbell 

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I remember Zzyzx from up at Norco. He was a really nice man and always had a smile on his face. RIP, Zzyzx.

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Harry had SASS contact me with his phone number few years ago, so I called him.  Took three tries to get a lady to answer and put him on the line but we had a good talk.  I think he was living somewhere here in Arizona by then, but I don't remember just where.


I tried a few more times but couldn't even get anyone to answer the phone.  


He was a charter member of the Grumpy Lunch Bunch and really liked to cafe at the Chino Airport and the Iron Skillet on Ontario.


I'll always remember his sense of humor and friendliness.


RIP my friend.. It is an honor to have known you.


4T Rod

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Forty Rod, his son said that he moved to Mesa, Arizona to be with his daughter after his wife passed away.  I will probably see his son this weekend and learn a little more.  Harry and I communicated via email for a few years after he no longer traveled.  When the emails stopped it was likely around the time his wife died and he was preparing to move. 

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I remember his visits with us at RR Bar.  He was a delight to shoot with.  He will be missed.

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