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Wts 1903a4 sniper rifle and scope

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I want to sell my 1903a4 sniper rifle with 12-43 Remington barrel that still shines .  Manufacture name is purposely offset to allow for the scope so the scope does not cover name or serial number so it is an actual sniper rifle not a remake by bubba.  Stock has the “K” .  Rifle is accurate as I did sight in the scope and took a buck at 180 yards uphill.  Rifle includes an aftermarket GI style sling and an original oiler/cleaning kit with brush and thong and I am including an additional package of unissued 10 original thongs.  

scope is weaver single post model 330 scope.  Clear optics.  Under the scope mount is a shim to allow sighting in the M84 scope I put on it for a while that also shot well in it.  That scope is posted for sale .  Shim can be removed.  Also includes 5 stripper clips


i want $4,500 shipped and insured 

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I do have several Remington rifles with RA stamped barrels that are four groove.

Train of thought at that time was two groove retained accuracy better.

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