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Which modern cartridge works best for BP/APP in a 1873 rifle?

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10 hours ago, watab kid said:

interesting responses - i expected the 44s and would have expected some 38s , 


Not going lie, I was hoping that the 44spl would have made a better showing just because I already have a bunch of brass, bullets and dies for it, but even though I'm a bit slow, I try to not make the same mistake twice so I'll do my best to learn from the experience of others and not just do what I want and then get mad when things don't work out the way I wished they would :unsure:


The 44spl I have is one of my favorites, and why Pyrodex is dead to me!  The other half of my H&R Topper was a 30-30 barrel and it was great fun to load it up with Pyrodex.  This was 40ish years ago not long after Pyrodex was introduced and it was billed as magical and never needing cleaning like real BP.  I lived in AZ at the time so youth and inexperience,  low humidity and that lie was enough for me to put the barrel away dirty and forget about it for a couple years when my interests changed.  :(

The results were predictable, and now it is a barrel stubbed 44spl that I call Thumper, it's the first gun I have new shooters shoot because it is easy to handle, a single shot for safety and has enough recoil to let you know that you something happened but not enough to bother even the most timid of new enthusiasts.    I have them shoot at a steel gong at about 25 yards and that big bullet makes such a satisfying sound when it hits! :D



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I have a pair Ruger Old Model Vaqueros in 44 mag I shoot 44 Specials.  These are loaded with APP and never Pyrodex.  I have a beater Stoeger I shoot Pyrodex in and only at local matches where I can immediately clean it thoroughly as I arrive home.  I bought a bunch of Pyrodex from WalMart for $10/bottle years ago and will buy no more.

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