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SOLD-Thanks-Uberti 1873 .38

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Uberti '73 in 38/357 bought from and accurized by Colt McAllister, including Action Job, Short Stroke, Aluminum Lifter, Coil Spring, Extractor, Whisper Springs and Sight Hole Enlarge. Bought used but nearly new in 2017 from Pard who described it thus, and have no reason to doubt him.

Case Hardened Action, Blue Full Octagonal 20” Barrel

You'll have to blame something else for your slow times and misses. This one's a shooter.

$1300 plus shipping FFL to FFL



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I've shot a Pard's hand loads we mic'd at 1.458" overall length, and store-bought HSM 158 grain RNFP Cowboy Action loads at 1.4375". Both feed fine, separately and mixed.

Short Stroke.JPG

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19 hours ago, Mack Hacker, #60477 said:

Bump for a good pard and a very nice rifle

Hey there Mack Hacker how goes it pilgrim.



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Colt built some excellent rifles, i have 4 myself. Its a shame he is no longer building cowboy rifles

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  • Luke Lanham changed the title to SOLD-Thanks-Uberti 1873 .38

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