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Lee Classic Hand Loaders Now Available

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I got a big surprise this morning. I was looking for a Lee .45 Colt Taper Crimp Die when I came across a Lee Classic Loader for .45 Colt. :)

I already have one, but decided to see if this was a fluke listing or maybe some old listing that had been overlooked. It was not.

Numerous times on here I have seen folks lament the demise of these little hand loading systems, so I figured I would let you all know about it. 

.45 Colt

.45 ACP

.357 Magnum

.38 Special 

9mm Luger

.44 Magnum

.223 Remington 

.308 Winchester

.30-06 Springfield

.45-70 Gov’t

.270 Winchester 

.30-30 Winchester

.243 Winchester

.303 British

Here is a link to the .45 Colt set. You should be able to find the others once you get here:



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I've had a couple of these over the years.  I tried a .357 set when I first started loading.  Never heard of case lube so I had to pound the case in  and pound it back out again.  Kind of turned me off on these until I figured out/learned that lubing the case would make it work a lot easier.  Picked one up for loading 12 gauge shells.  Just in case I need to bug out and need more shells along the way.  I have no idea where it is right now.  I need a 3 day advance notice if I have to bug out.

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A few years back I tried loading some .45 Colt with one of these sets. I somehow set a primer off. Wow! Was that loud. I learned a good lesson that day. Make sure your work area is clear of debris like a piece of brass tumbling media. :lol:

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Lordy... I loaded hundreds and hundreds of .45 rounds with one of these things back in the day.  :rolleyes:


Then I moved up to a Lyman 310 Tong Tool... then an RCBS JR... and a variety of other presses - single stage, progressive, what have you.  But that old Lyman still works.  Right handy with the campsite tailgate reloading bench.  :) 

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I loaded all of my 30-06 ammo for hunting with the lee loader for about 25 years.  Don't shoot much with my  hunting rifle, so didn't need to load much to keep me supplied for a year.  Easily shot MOA with those hand loads.  It's not fast, but it can do a great job.  I have seen a couple of people at the range using one to develop loads while they are shooting.  

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