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COWW Lead Ingots Wheel Weights 10bhn

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I smelted a bunch of wheel weights this morning into Redneck Gold ingots. 10 ingots fit in a small flat rate box, guaranteed over 21 pounds of lead. This stuff is clean, fluxed twice, and ready to cast. I cast a bullet and air-cooled and tested it at Saeco 8 hardness, which is a Brinell of 10. Perfect for most applications. I can take PPf&f, venmo, or a check

2) SFRB $60 shipped
3) SFRB $60 shipped
4) SFRB $60 shipped
5) SFRB $60 shipped
6) SFRB $60 shipped
7) SFRB $60 shipped
8) SFRB $60 shipped
9) SFRB $60 shipped
10) SFRB $60 shipped




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Ingots go into tyvex bags, bags go into boxes, boxes are wrapped in string backed packing tape.  You have to cut them open but they travel very well

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