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Sold 5 lbs of Trail Boss For Sale/trade at Trailhead this weekend in Columbus, Texas

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Going to Trailhead this weekend(March 28th thru 31st).    This 5 LB cannister has been opened and I loaded about 20 45/70 rounds.  I opened a 9 oz bottle of Trailboss and weighed out the amount to load 20 45/70 rounds and put that much back.  I like 3031 and 5744 powder better.  My scale says that the bottle weighs 5.4 lbs now(Includes the weight of the bottle).  I am wanting to trade for an 1873 Uberti 357/38 short rifle or carbine.  There is nothing wrong with wanting so quit laughing!  I am seeing all of this crazy pricing and figuring, "why not ask"?  There is a current ad on Gun Broker for 9oz for $250 and 5lbs for $1,750.

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Ok, I will respond, good luck in your endeavor. Hope you find someone to trade.



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I just saw a 5lb jug of Trail Boss at the Ides of March for sale for the low low price of $700.00.  It sat on the table all weekend and I don't think it sold.  Good luck with your sale.

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