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Grumman F7F "Tigercats"

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Found on FB


A Marine Corps parade held at Campe Lejune, North Carolina in 1949. Grumman F7F "Tigercats" fly over a formation of M4 Sherman tanks. 


The F7F was a heavy carrier-based fighter designed by Grumman during the Second World War that would be faster and more heavily gunned than its adversaries. These goals were met. The F7F carried an extremely heavy armament of four 20mm cannons and four .50 caliber machine guns. It could also reach speeds of 460mph, making it about 5mph faster than the F8F, 20mph faster than the F4U Corsair, and a full 70mph faster than the F6F. 


Also, despite its imposing size, it was a deceptively agile fighter. Test pilots lauded the Tigercat's supreme agility, considering it comparable to the best single-engine fighters in service at the time. 


Unfortunately, the Tigercat did not see its intended service. Designed primarily for the larger aircraft carriers, it would be unable to utilize the smaller light and escort carriers. It also arrived too late for use during the Second World War. 


However, the impressive performance of the F7F did mean that it was valued as a land-based fighter-bomber during the Korean War. The Marine Corps was the largest user of the aircraft. They extensively used their F7F aircraft at the start of the Korean War, using it as a night fighter to relatively good effect.



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The ww2 air museum in Colorado Springs has two of them and both are operational.  Btw they sound great when idling.  My distillery was just across the creek and would often hear them warming up.  

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I saw one at the old Kermit Weeks museum in Florida nefore the hurricane destroyed the facility. It is an impressive beast! I’d love to see one make a gun run.

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