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I'm a vegan!

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Everything I eat (except salt, water, and some medications) is plant based one or two time removed.


Cattle of almost every variety eat plants.

Poultry and game birds eat plants.

Fish and almost every other "sea food" eat plants.

Deer and elk and reindeer and other game animals eat plants.

Most commercial pork products are from plant eaters.


They eat plants, process their food and I eat them, therefore I am a Vegan, right?


I also was reading a journal in the waiting room at the hospital that claims that human primates go back several thousand years before we thought they had and the proof was found in Morocco, and all humans derive from them.  Now I can claim to be an African American.


My father's people came to North America just nine years after the Mayflower landed and my Mother's people have been here since the mid-1800s, Therefore, by definition I am also a Native American.  (I have a shoshone froed from college who told me this so he should be an authority).  Both families came without papers, so I am descended from illegal immigrants.  Taking all of this Politically Correct crap into consideration I have to ask, seriously: "where do I go to get all the free goodies that all of these people are getting and have my demands met for consideration?"

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double post but then it might deserve a second response , if you are YOU may not fart - cows fart they give us beef , pigs fart , they give us pork , the libs say the farts are the problem , 


but then i once kew a guy that wanted to loose weight for his upcoming wedding in sweeten , im not sure why he wanted to loose weight - might have been vanity , might have been the bride had mentioned his weight , might have been the Swede side of the family had noticed and sais something - ill never know at this point in time but , BUT , he was eating nothing but celery and peanut butter .......for near a month when it became obvious that the diet was creating lots of methane and altho it reduced his weight i suspect it was not real good for his mental state , it was 1970 and i didnt know his spouse to be , but im pretty sure things were not smooth in their early marriage , 


bottom line is vegans are flatuent , eat meat to balance out your diet or the coming commie state will haul you off to the camp for farters 

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aint that the truth ? those that earned and pay carry the load , those that saved and continue to pay will also help carry the load , those that invade get handouts of what we paid 

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On 2/25/2024 at 10:12 PM, Sgt. C.J. Sabre, SASS #46770 said:

Unfortunately for you, you have already proved that you can be a productive member of society. Therefore you will continue to be expected to provide for yourself. 



 Just my luck to be born a white straight male Christian American conservative and have parents who were married forever and insisted on me getting a job at eleven years old and get a college education, to teach me to hunt and fish, made me familiar with the outdoors, American and world history, various cultures, become both an Army and Marine veteran, get a decent work ethic, have virtually no prejudices except toward anti-Americas, idiots, crooks and those who want to destroy my way of life and our culture, respect for almost everyone, and humility when called for.


I guess I'll just have to continue on doing it my way.  (Thanks, Sammy.) :D

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