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Finland Government building Civilian Shooting Ranges. US should listen.

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    "Finland plans to open new shooting ranges due to a surge in interest following Russia's invasion of Ukraine."

    "The Finnish government aims to increase the number of civilian shooting ranges from 670 to about 1,000 by 2030."


    "People shouldn't have to travel far just to practice shooting, Jukka Kopra, a National Coalition party MP and the chair of Finland's defense committee, told Yle. It should be as easy to practice shooting as it is for football or ice hockey, he added."


Finland, which shares a border with Russia, plans to build 300 new shooting ranges as interest in national defense surge (msn.com)

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I couldn’t agree more!!  We should be exercising the militia here in the United States!


Those who are willing and able support and defend our nation should be encouraged, recognized, and trained to respond to threats of any kind, natural disaster, infrastructure failure, and or attacks, foreign or domestic, on our nation and our citizens!!

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Federal excise tax levied on all firearms and ammunition is available for the states to seek grants and use it to build shooting ranges.  Indiana has beautiful public shooting ranges supported by this money.  I'm sure others do, too.  The law has been on the books for a very very long time.

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