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Guns Available at EOT

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I will have these guns available for sale at EOT.  I will NOT ship.  They will go to the first person that posts here "I will take it."  I will arrange to meet the buyers at EOT.  If after inspecting the gun you decide you do not like it that is OK.  I do not take BitCoin, Venmo or Credit Cards.  In God we trust, but all others pay cash.


1.  American Derringer M7 Ultralight.  These are all-aluminum and probably not suitable as a side match gun.  They are meant to be carried a lot and shot a little.  .380 ACP.  Comes with dies and holster.  $200.00.  I have owned it for 25 years but never shot it.  (The box says stainless because they never made any boxes reading Aluminum Derringer.)






2.  American Derringer stainless steel in .38 Special.  $175.00.  This would be a suitable side match gun.  SOLD





3.  Colt 125th Anniversary Single Action Army.  $1,500.00.  This is a 1961 vintage 2nd Gen in .45 Colt.  Unfired.  SOLD





4.  Winchester 1887.  $900.00.  This my favorite 1887 and has a totally reliable drop-two ramped barrel modification.  First generation, single extractor.  These are easier to load than the later version and work fine with modern hulls.  NOT for heavy smokeless loads.  Best with black powder.  24 Hour Hold 





5.  USFA Lightning.  $1,200.00.  This has a 26" barrel and is in .44-40.  These are scarce and as close to a real Colt as you can get.  Yes it does slam fire.  SOLD





6.  Ruger .44 Magnum Carbine.  $750.00.  1967 production.  This is the version with the built-in Williams receiver sight and no barrel mounted rear sight.  Scarce.  I looked for years to find one and then it has sat in the safe for the past 20 years.  I have never fired it.  SOLD



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12 hours ago, Flat Top Okie said:

Hello Larsen,

I will take number 6 if you will take a check. I am already on my way to EOT and don't have enough cash on me. 

Flat Top Okie

Thank you for saving me! I have wanted one for a decade for no other reason than I want one.

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