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Still WTB 375 Ruger Brass maybe ammo

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47 minutes ago, runs with scissors said:

Just curious, what gun uses 375 brass?

Quite a few acutally - Ruger Hawkeye and Guide Gun, Savage 110, Mossberg Patriot just to name a few.

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Needing brass for my Ruger Hawkeye African chambered in 375 Ruger. For left handed shooters is the way to get a rifle in a left handed action that preforms similar to the legendary 375 H&H for around $1100 to $1500. The model 70 Safari Express left handed sells for north of $3000 if you can find one. The left handed Mauser actions in 375 H&H sell for north $8000 if you can find one. 

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I'm making a reminder here to look and see what I can come up with.  I have / had a few (10-15 pcs) of Hornady 375 Ruger brass that was dented from too much case lube.  I will dig them out IF I can find them and see if they would be of any use for you.  Be patient and don't get your hopes up too high!!!

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8 hours ago, Wallaby Damned said:

Glad you found some. I shoot a ruger guide gun in 375R as my main hunting rifle and it’s a hammer. 

Yes it is. The 375 is probably one of the more versatile rounds out there.
i am still looking for some more brass. 

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