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Annual Registration Bill

Subdeacon Joe

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https://sd25.senate.ca.gov/news/2024-02-14/senator-portantino-introduces-bill-requiring-annual-registration-firearms#:~:text=SB 1160 would require every,enforcement of the firearm registry.


Sacramento, CA – Senator Anthony J. Portantino (D – Burbank) introduced SB 1160 today, a measure that would require gun owners to annually register their firearms with the California Department of Justice.


“SB 1160 will give the state better data and help us understand how many firearms are in private hands and who owns them,” stated Senator Portantino. “Currently, we only have rough estimates on how many firearms are in California. This important step toward registration will also increase accountability and responsible gun ownership as we collectively endeavor to increase public safety.”


SB 1160 would require every firearm in the state to be annually registered with the Department of Justice. An annual fee would be deposited into a special fund for the purpose of carrying out the administration and enforcement of the firearm registry. The bill would require the department to establish and maintain a system for the annual registration of firearms and make the registration information available to other law enforcement agencies. SB 1160 also requires that reasonable efforts be made to notify firearms dealers, owners, and the public about registration requirements.  


Under SB 1160, registration will not be deemed as evidence that the firearm is lawfully permitted or that the registrant is the lawful owner of the firearm. The measure will prohibit the possession of an unregistered firearm, a violation that would be punishable as an infraction.


“This statue, which requires gun owners to register each firearm annually, is an important tool to remind all citizens of the civic responsibility that comes with owning a firearm. Indeed, the historic roots for this statue trace back to colonial America and serve as a reminder that with ownership comes responsibility,” stated Attorney Brian Hennigan and Loyola Law School Professor Laurie Levenson, who both suggested the bill idea to the Senator.

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First my private ownership of ANYTHING bears no “civic responsibility” to either inform the community of said ownership or to enable any government entity to collect data for any purpose whatsoever!

Second the authors of this legislation are claiming that such registration is historically accurate (NOT!) and necessary in today’s society. (Unbelievable!!!!)
I would really like to see their justification to charge a yearly fee for the citizenry to enjoy ANY other enumerated right and make a claim that such a fee is reasonable. A right that requires payment is a privilege not a right!
Further it is absolutely none of the government’s business how many lawfully owned firearms are in the hands of the law abiding citizens in the state when the government has such a long standing history of incompetence coupled with outright malice towards persons who have neither been charged or convicted of any crime. 
As soon as these State totalitarian politicians devote themselves to following the Constitution, protecting the people and incarcerating actual criminal elements, rather than attempting to choke out the liberties of otherwise peaceful people then maybe just maybe they can begin being trusted to handle more complex issues such as trash collection or catching stray dogs. (Things that seem beyond their current mental qualifications!)

Creating dossiers on the public….. not part of their purview. 

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Gateway Kid

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I see it as a "poll tax." And it won't do anything to take guns out of the hands of criminals because, per the UU Supreme Court, felons can not be compelled to register firearms because it would violate their rights against self incrimination.

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Why not require annual fee-based registration to vote (poll tax)?


And while we are at it, a 1st Amendment registration for any and all Internet accounts one intends to post on, in order to keep the 1st Amendment safe for all? In particular, anyone who is a journalist that may or intends to publish articles or reports or opinions should not just register, but annually provide a list of all published works.



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Continue To Refuse To Comply!!

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I understand the sentiment... but...


If you have something to lose, CA has you by the short hairs.

They can destroy you in court, wipe out your net worth trying to defend yourself, and put your wife out on the street while you get a room at the Graystone Hotel.

A cursory examination of this law shows very stiff fines for non-compliance.
Since all my guns are 4473 and DROS registered in CA, they know exactly what I have.

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5 hours ago, bgavin said:

Since all my guns are 4473 and DROS registered in CA, they know exactly what I have.


Hmm. Wonder what ca will do about all of the guns purchased in ca by former residents? :wacko:


They will waste a lot of time and money sorting that out. :P

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True, but if CA smells money they will persevere with a vengeance.


I look at all this crap going down, and yet America tolerates it.
The ballot and lawsuit crap with Trump... the gun confiscations and bans... trannies and wackos, crime, drugs, bums...
And half the nation supports this.

I think Pat is correct... America will not stand up, but will instead roll over and take it.
The only thing that keeps America from becoming just another socialist hell, is that we are armed.
American politicians and voters are doing their damnedest best to cure that.

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Good lord~!!  :blink:




 Commencing on July 1, 2025, any person who owns, possesses, or has custody or control over any firearm subject to registration pursuant to this division that is not currently registered is guilty of an infraction punishable by a fine of one thousand dollars ($1,000).




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