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1860 Army second generation (Black box) model Hammer cam

Asa Smith

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Hello all,

Does anyone know of a knowledgable gunsmith that is familiar with, and capable of, replacing the cam on the original hammer?

The cam on the gun appears to be miscast and does not function as designed. On this gun and Ubertis the cam appears to be  cast as part of the hammer.

I am wanting to have a solution that allows me to retain the hammer that came with the gun.

On my original manufactured 1863 sample the cam appears to be a separate hardened part that is pressed into place through a hole in the hammer.


Any useful information appreciated...

Thanks Asa

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I bought a couple of Colt SAA cams from Peacemaker Specialties & had Boomstick Arms install one of my Colt 2nd Gen 1851s.

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