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Club IRS status


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Our club is considering different options for banking & club irs status. 
there are several non-profit options. One is 501C (7) 


our primary goal is to protect range property owners (who are very active shooters) the rest of club officers & membership and not run afoul of the IRS. 

what does your club do? 


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The 501C(7) is a good way to go I think you still hae to file each year to show income vs. previous holdings.

The only way I know of to protect the property owners and members is t form a non-profit corporation. We are incorporated, we file officers and update any other required info. Then insurance for sure. 3 layers of protection, sort of. You still can be sued.

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Hoss, it's been some 30 years since I dealt with our club's management, but... I seem to recall that we filed under 501(c)7, Sporting/Recreational clubs.  I believe that we still had to file with the State of Texas as a non-profit corporation, and only had to update that one an as-needed basis for notifications of change of officers & Bylaws... but, as I said, it's been 30 years.  Memory fades...  please don't shoot me if I got this wrong.  For some reason, I seem to recall that it also aided in getting our insurance thru the NRA.  Which at the time was certainly the best rates we could find.  The only complexity there was that a certain percentage of your membership had to be NRA members.  

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