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Super Bowl…for NFL watchers only

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I don’t care who you are, that was the most amazing game EVER!


Although our Chiefs won, McCaffery might be MVP. That man is a beast! And Purdy was amazing too. 

I thought it appropriate that Mr. Comeback hisself, John Elway brought the trophy. That man broke more Chiefs hearts than anyone I can remember. 


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3 minutes ago, Subdeacon Joe said:

The first half wasn't much.  But that second half!   Especially the 4th quarter!   Nail biter.   Then we get to the OT.


Pretty much the Niners beat themselves with stupid penalties.

I thought the same of the Chiefs for the first 59 minutes of regulation. 

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As predicted, I slept through most of it waking in the fourth in time to see the final races to score field goals and then the OT.


The anthem was sung in less than 90.5 seconds and, I thought well done.


And I did like my Swedish meatballs.



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We so rarely get a pretty good game for the Superbowl.  This was very welcome.  I'm also glad the 49'ers lost.  They are the "local" team.  Had they won, there would have been no sleep for all the fireworks and anxiety ridden canines.

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It was a good game, sorry the Niners lost...I knew that blocked PAT was going to comeback and haunt them.


I've got nothing against KC but all of the Swift/Kelce hype and constant screen shots was disgusting and I can't stand the any of the Mahomes. Kelce was a complete ass in the 1st quarter for basically assaulting Andy Reid. I won't be watching any news today just so I won't have to see any of them ad nauseam.


I refused to watch any pregame stuff except for the REAL National Anthem. The commercials were weirder than ever although the State Farm/Arnold and the DunKing commercial weren't bad. A few of them were downright disgusting and all of them were of the woke ilk. 


Edit - A flyover of an enclosed stadium? Brilliant:huh:

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Good game, I fell asleep at 19-19 woke up as everyone was running around the field. 
I saw highlights , wish I could’ve stayed awake! 
Reba did a great job on the National Anthem :FlagAm:

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