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Are there any age requirements to body modification?


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If the 13-year-old kid goes into the tattoo parlor and says he wants a tattoo, is there any legal thing that says the tattoo artist has to turn him away?


How about if the same 13-year-old kid goes and wants to get some part of his body pierced?


Lots of little girls have their ears pierced, but they pretty much all had their parents with them when they got it done. So that would show parental permission. When little 10-year-old Susie shows up at the jewelry shop, would they cheerfully punch a hole in the side of her head with no problems, or would they legally need to have her parents okay?

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Was doing some photo work at a ranch..Ya that kind...Saw a lot of jewelry on both women and men....Saw much on the ladies in places I did not think possible...And on the guys too...On the guys,  I would they remove before enjoyment...On the ladies, bar bells and in other places...Not polite to stair...But very interesting....Hard not to stair....


Texas Lizard

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Well according to the link that Father Kit posted, there are indeed laws, and like most laws they differ depending on the state.


And, again according to the link, if they did what they did in the TV show they would have broken the law. That's what caused my wonderment - this TV episode.


There was a TV show called Las Vegas. This family comes to Vegas for the son's bar mitzvah. That means he's 13. And he's a total nerd. A dork. A Poindexter. So trying to make him a little cooler, they (not his parents, a couple of casino employees) take him to a hair stylist and get a better do, and then they take him to a haberdashery and get him some better threads, and then they take him to the jewelry store and get him an earring.


Nevada seems to have no laws at all about piercings or tattoos. Except for Clark County, which is where Las Vegas is. In Clark County, if it's a minor, parent or guardian must be present.



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4 hours ago, Marshal Mo Hare, SASS #45984 said:

Lots of ears were pierced at home with a needle.

I have punched a hole in a friend.


Sewing needle clamped in vice grips, sterilized with a Bic lighter, soot removed with rubbing alcohol, a wine cork as backing, some joking as to which ear he wanted punched ('cuz just one). :lol:


Generally 18 unless parents are present and approve (sign here and here, initial here...).

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be careful what you request to be scrutinized  , age based is based on age - not the body dimensions , , we do not want to go down that road - ever , im little and slight but i shoot with a lot of larger folks , you really dont want to eliminate anyone from our game do you ? 

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I thought our game was already based on age.


Buckaroos, Young guns, wranglers, 49ers, seniors, silver seniors, elder statesman. All age-based.

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TV Show got it right. Maryland and Nevada are the only two States that do not have a age limit. What this also means is old farts like SASS members can legally get a tattoo.


https://www.tattoorules.com/us/nevada-tattoo-laws/#:~:text=And remember%2C if you’re under the age of,get a tattoo in most places in Nevada.

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48 minutes ago, Seldom Seen #16162 said:

Judging from what I see tattoos do not carry much social stigma.

It’s funny how that’s changed. 

I recall getting my Pelican tattoo when I was in the Navy and how family members acted about it while on leave. 

Tattoos were a sign of one of 3 things when I was a kid.

1. Member of biker gang

2. Bad, bad man

3. Sailor


I have 5 tattoos now. Might get more. Not sure.





When I lived in Kaleepornia tattoo studios were very strict about having proper ID with proof of age. No tattoos under18, period.


The DOJ in CA (Gestapo) would actually send teenagers into shops with storm troopers waiting outside in black Suburbans to see if they could get shop owners that would tattoo a minor. They also did this at bars and liquor stores regarding tobacco and booze. 
These teens were usually kids from “reform schools” (I can’t remember the right term)

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