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A reminder that Tax Season is upon us

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A huge, burly guy with a six pack and muscular biceps had set up a stall in one corner of an open air flea market with a basket of beets.


He boasted to the curious onlookers that he could squeeze the last drop of liquid from a beet and threw a challenge that anyone squeezing another drop would be rewarded with $100. He set a small amount of $1 as entry fee for the competition.

A number of curious onlookers accepted the bet but left with embarrassment at their failure to squeeze even a hint of juice.

Then came a small sized guy with a frail body structure. To everyone's surprise, he squeezed not one but half a dozen drops of liquid from the beet already drained out by the burly six-footer.

The distraught challenger paid the prize money but, out of curiosity, asked him what he did for a living.

I am from the Internal Revenue Service.”

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