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Firearms modification question

Palo Alto Kid

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So the shooters handbook section six, Firearms Covenants states the following regarding swapping out hammers:


"Hammers may be replaced or exchanged with hammers designed for the same frame size (e.g., small frame revolver hammers may not be installed on large frame revolvers or vice versa)."


Could someone give me an example of something that run afoul of this rule, small frame vs large frame revolver?  Does this prohibit using an Original Model Vaquero style hammer in NMV?  


Also, under the general firearms part of section six, it references reprofiling, "All parts may be smoothed, re-profiled, polished, de-burred, or replaced provided they are not prohibited in these Covenants..."  I am assuming when folks are referring to reprofiling hammers, that would mean, cutting, welding, bending/reshaping etc? 


Thanks in advance. 

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About the only gun this works on is the Ruger.  If you look at the bottom of the Single Six hammer on the right and compare it to the Vaquero hammer (new or old) on the left they have the same geometry.  You can install a Single Six hammer in a Vaquero and with some work it will function.  Colt clone hammers used in Uberti's small frames are physically smaller on their bottom ends and won't interchange.





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