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ACSA presents Road Runner Dust-up & Blackout at Bloody Basin (Feb 16-18, 2024) - located at the same range as EOT (Ben Avery Shooting Facility). If you are in Arizona getting ready for End of Trail, this is THE perfect warm up.

Presented by the Arizona Cowboy Shooters Association (ACSA), our goal is to provide an EOT-like experience for every shooter!

The Road Runner Dust-up match is for the smokeless shooters.

Blackout at Bloody Basin is the Arizona SASS State Black Powder match.

This is a combined 12-stage action-packed match with 6 stages on each day (Feb 17th and 18th). 4-stage Warm-up match is on Feb. 16th.

  • 136 max shooters, so be sure to sign up soon! We will consider BP shooter applications first (by Oct. 15) ahead of smokeless shooters, since it is the AZ State BP match. Family members shooting smokeless will be possed with BP shooter.
  • STAGES: The permanent bays (Saloon, Fort, Coosie’s) and open bays will be used, much like the set up for EOT. Use of vertical staging, target placement, falling targets for pistol and/or rifle, and shooting sequences will be similar as well.

INCLUDED in FEE: Main Match and Sunday Lunch.

APPLICATION: Go to the ACSA website for details and the application.  https://acsainc.com/

Lot of fun stages with the Road Runner versus Coyote themed props. Very Arizona.

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2 hours ago, Phantom, SASS #54973 said:

An EOT-like experience may not be a great selling point.





EOT is what it is.    For those who are shooting EOT, this is a great warm up using the range and getting used to many of the props and stages fronts used at EOT.  The Rev holds a great match and it has gotten better and better every year.   One not to miss if going to EOT or in the area!


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Regardless of personal issues, The Rough Riders put on one of the best if not the best organized, administered and produced match I have attended in my not so limited experience. 

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You had me excited when I thought it was actually in Bloody Basin! Next year it needs to be the Skull Valley Shootout in keeping with Yavapai County themes. 

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Back to the top for the Reverend..


Here’s a 2 day match in sunny Arizona in February with lunch provided. 

A club and its members are working hard to bring you the AZ State Blackpowder Championship and a Warmup match for EOT. 

Enjoy the weekend on the range with them. 

Kat will be there… I on the other-hand will be enjoying winter in the oil patch. 


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