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Four door sedan, probably British, ca 1950ish.  Rear are "suicide" doors, blade-type mechanical turn signals in door post between front and rear doors.


Three headlights, two faired into the front fenders slightly toward the center, third faired into the center of the grill and maybe four inches lower the the other two.  The center light doesn't appear to move with the steering wheel as some did about that time.


Looks like a medium size car, maybe the size of a 1940-1950 ford.


Interesting beasty, but I can't identify it.


What;s your call?

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Nom picture.  I just caught it on a Brit movie.


Tatra looks close but exactly right.  Too "bulky", "pudgy" looking, not big enough, doors aren't right, grill isn't big enough nor ornate enough, no turn signals.  Three piece windshield isn't even close.

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Do you happen to know the name of the movie?


Possibly one of us has the movie, and can skim through it till they find that car, then take a picture of the screen and post it.


I pause the movie and take pictures all the time.

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42 minutes ago, SilentBob said:

1949, 50 or 51 Rover P4 Cyclops?





1950 Rover P4 Cyclops.jpg

THAT'S IT!  Even the same color.  Thanks, and just about the time I was going to go through a dozen or so Miss Marple Mysteries, too. 


Thanks, Bob.  :D

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2 hours ago, Forty Rod SASS 3935 said:

It didn't amount to much but it's one of those stupid kinds of thing that keep me awake nights.  Now, thanks to you I can either sleep or find more brain teasers.  :rolleyes:

Are you going to be a new, revised version of Alpo?

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