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Mossberg JM 940 and beretta a300 patrol

Trigger Mike

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I got to test fire both of those yesterday.  I only fired what the magazine tube holds but was glad I got to.  

this is the first time since my heart bypass surgery that I fired a 12 gauge.  

I fired the Beretta first.  Both are light but the Beretta is shorter and noticeably lighter.  Both were reliable and smooth.  I used federal high brass 6 shot lead.  

The Beretta holds 7 rounds and all seven kicked hard .  That might be partially because I haven’t been used to 12 gauge lately but it became uncomfortable.  My 14 year old son also noticed the kick.  He started out preferring the Beretta before he fired it.  

the Mossberg held 9 rounds and was balanced better.  The recoil was negligible, even firing fast.  While both had clear and visible fiber optic front sights , the Mossberg comes with a few replacement sights as well as 2 extra chokes.  The Mossberg also included a piece of paper that said go to the listed website and Jerry Miculek and his daughter would show you how to maintain it.  The Beretta did not have a paper manual, only a QR code to scan and see the manual on your phone which made it small and hard to read .  my son declared after

firing them both that he preferred the Mossberg.  I saw them both at a pawn shop near an army base a couple of hours away from me that I usually don’t get to go to.  May have to go back.


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I have the older version of the Mossberg (the 930 JM) and it has run flawlessly, using my wife’s lighter than LNLR reloads. Just have to clean the internals per the video about every 500 rounds. 

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Gateway Kid

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