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Trying again--Items for sale.


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ITEMS FOR SALE BY “SLUGS” sass # 387 to be picked up and sold as one lot.  Trying again at a reduced price.


You guys don't know what your missing. Everything is working great.





 [All price listed at retail but see below as I want to sell everything or nothing



13 Boxes of Factory AA handicap 12 ga.  7/1/2 and 9’s  $179.00

1 ½ Box of Factory AA feather light loads    $15.00

New 5000 Federal small pistol primers   $105 per 1000

600 Winchester 209 shotgun primers $80.00

 9500 rounds of Shooter’s choice 125 grain truncated cone pt. sized .357 bullets only, $1,140.00 

 500 rounds of Shooter’s choice 90 grain round point sized .357 bullets only   $59.00

154 New 44magnum brass -$49.60

124 One fired 44 magnum brass $11.76 [Cleaned]

310 rounds of 45 acp brass some new some one fired. (tumbled) $77.50

1 25# of Eagle shot #8   $83.00




One browning SS pistol grip 12ga. Shotgun. Worked on my quality gun smith.  $1,000.00


One short stroke Octagon barrel Winchester 73 replica only feeds 357 perfectly.   38/357 caliber. Will feed 38 if you use long bullet. Comes with Palo Verdi UN-jamming tool I   made   $1,500 with Long Hunter action job.      


Two Oglesby Blackhawk just rebuilt by Bill Oglesby. 38/357 caliber Top of the line Signature models with Blackhawk hammers.   $1800.00 each.


Two Oglesby Vaquero’s Stainless matched pair Signature Models. Have standard hammer. 38/357 caliber.   $1900.00 each

One custom made Bill Oglesby Vaquero with Blackhawk hammer, Just rebuilt by Bill  Oglesby for me in Blue.  38/357 caliber. Custom bbl.  $1,958

One Double barrel very old W. Richard 12 ga. Has hammers, but was told not to shoot.  It and it is just a wall hanger.  Free with the deal.


One Bond derringer in 32 HR with about 100+ rounds loaded  ammo with holster.  $500.00

One leather shotgun belt with double loops size 38 waist $25.00

One almost new double gun belt made by JM Ross. One right hand holster one cross draw holster. Size 38” fitted for Ruger Vaquero 5” bbl.   $290.00

One Dillon 1050. Set up for 38 and 357 caliber. Case collator, primer feed, bullet counter, Copy of Pondness Warren auto reloader, Double Alpa bullet collator, extra motor, bullet trays $3900.00 many extras go with this.

One Mec. 9000GN  12ga. Loader    $878.00 with pink wads 1Oz bar

 Various odds and ends I have accumulated since I started reloading 50+ years ago. Includes scale, reloading books, parts, primer tubes and holder, primer deburring turning tool etc.etc. You get everything I have accumulated over 50 years.

Fort Knox Gun Safe (combination lock—turning)  60" tall 24.5" deep and 30.75" wide. $4,856.00  this is $5600 new.

Steelwater gun safe with digital combination lock. 59" tall 28" wide, 18" deep 


$1,249.00 New and Improved Steelwater Heavy Duty- 1 Hr. Fire- SW592818


For sale in one lump sum and to be picked up in Lake Charles, La.



Total of everything at today's prices is $20000.00+




I will sell you everything for $10,000.00  That is more than a 50% discount and none of it is junk.




Contact:   Slugs #387     337-602-4833 or e mail   sydhorn@gmail.com




Why am I selling?:  I am 84 years old.


Want photos? Just ask







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