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Colt/CZ offers to buy Vista Outdoors

Lawdog Dago Dom

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3 minutes ago, Itchy Trigger said:

How long before all iconic American brands are foreign owned?

Would you prefer they go out of business?


CZ is quite possibly the best thing that could have happened to Colt.  Actually being owned by a gun maker interested in doing more than rehashing old models and living on its past glories may make Colt a desirable brand again based on more than nostaglia.


Having Vista and its holdings be more than simply an investment portfolio may increase product innovation and availability.


Yes, our rose colored glasses and patriotic feelings may be hurt when foreign groups purchase American brands - but I liken it to this; I would rather see a promising child raised up, fed, educated and loved in an adopted home than see that same child abused, starved and die in its birth home.

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43 minutes ago, Creeker, SASS #43022 said:

Would you prefer they go out of business?


Absolutely not, CZ has done a lot for the firearm business in the US. My point is that it is a shame that we weren't able to do it ourselves!


We used to be the international leader in small airplanes, but that entire business was destroyed by litigation. There are lots of examples of industries that we used to dominate and now have to source from other countries. At least CZ still does a lot of the manufacturing in the US, at least for the present!


I also am not fond of one company owning to many of the assets instead of each being separately owned, but that ship sailed a long time ago. Not long before Rollerball 1975 becomes reality.

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We force businesses to leave the USA




Tort Law




Competing is hard and our big advantage is technical/technology and the fact that we are the worlds largest market...rich.  For now.


Then our politicians say 'bad companies, damn capitalists...'


But they still don't recognize it is a world economy and the Chinese that are buying our politicians want our jobs.



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CZ USA is in Kansas City.  They are shooters and support the heck out of the US shooting games.  They build top notch firearms too.  Happy to see them interested in the purchase but honestly, do not know anything about the Czech end of it.


Your Springfield SD's are from Croatia.  They too sold US some primers when many others were no stock.  Know little about Croatia either but seems to me that some of these foreign countries that have experienced recent wars against communism are more patriotic than states like NY, MA, MD and the like.  I guess time will tell....  Personally, I know where I stand.  That is all that really matters to me.  

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See Vista Outdoors Rejects Colt Takeover.  I am concerned about the Czechoslavak Group owning Federal, Speer, CCI and Remington.  The Arkansas Gazette reported the group planned to use production from these manufacturers to help supply Ukraine with small arms ammunition.  While I support arming Ukraine, this would likely dry up reloading components for the shooting sports in the US.

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