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WTB 25-20 dies and brass


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There's a box of ammo on Gunbroker, 42 loaded rounds and 8 empties, for $194, shipped. The stuff hasn't been made in awhile and probably won't be for at least a few years still. I haven't seen .25-20 component brass from ANYBODY in probably at least fifteen years, but it can be made easily enough from .32-20 or .218 Bee, also a unicorn. RMC will make 'em for you for $5.20 each, plus $20 shipping. :blink:

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What rifle are you shooting in 25-20?    I have a old 1885 Winchester Low Wall.

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I have a set. Of Lee 25-20 Dies. Brass is all Gone. Ill let the dies and a lee 4 hour turret go for $20 plus shipping  Good luck on the brass

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