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Marlin 1894 rear sight insert

Slip Hammer Yates 8456

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I have a 1894 Cowboy limited in 44/40 and noticed the rear sight insert was missing.  Tried ebay, Midwest, and Gun Parts Corp. but no one has them.  Anyone know where I can get one?

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Are you talking about the step elevator or the little tiny gizmo that goes in the buckhorn? 

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Got a few from Buffalo Arms just a month ago.   Quick.    Brownells, Midway, Jack First are distributors for Marbles Sights and should be able to get them, too.

Ask for the Marbles Notch Piece & Screw Set

good luck, GJ

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1 minute ago, Bailey Creek,5759 said:

I know someone that replaced it with a brass, flat washer.

Almost like a peep sight.



If the washer has a complete hole (i.e. not filed down to open up the top) it is ILLEGAL under SASS RULES.

The only peep sights listed as allowed for main match rifles are:

- Rear sights must either be open iron sights mounted on the barrel or original style tang or stock wrist mounted peep sights.

Long range rear barrel mounted sights of the flip-up ladder type may use a peephole drilled through the sliding sight leaf.

(SHB p.30)

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...and don't forget to black out that white diamond! 

(or install the insert backwards if possible)


"- Rear sights may utilize an insert of the same color as the rear sight to allow easy sight adjustment."

SHB p.35

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I don't think this will help you (but maybe it will) but on most of those rear sights,

when that blade is removed it leaves a nice 'U' shape sight that works great with some

of the larger front sights.


And personally, I took my rear sight off because I didn't think we need em for SASS target distances.

Just ask yeowndangself........ "What would Ben Cartwright do"?




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