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Proposed regulation of Ammo Purchases

Gracos Kid

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only time ill worry is when i get low and the natives get restless , 


after watching the new documentary on the fall of minneapolis i started to think on how many loaded guns i might need to unload but not about the quantity of ammo so far , an our southeast they can get restless if they want - dont need it hear among the 'rocks and cows' as ourPOS governor called us  

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13 hours ago, Buckshot Bear said:

Honestly for the average crim, they'd never use a single box in their entire criminal career. 

The gangs in the U.S. are big fans of multiple shooters, magazine dumps and spray & pray, so they'll go through a box for a single drive by shooting.

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Way back in the 1980s senator moynahan from Boston proposed a 1,000 percent tax on ammo.  After I saw that every time I went to a store just about I bought a box of ammo .  Then when the virus hit and you couldn’t find ammo , nor toilet paper, my local gun store sold toilet paper so I traded 5.56 ammo for toilet paper and now can buy that ammo for less .  No bulk buys , just steady buys.  

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18 hours ago, Buckshot Bear said:

How does this work with reloading?

Here in the PRK, it is jurisdiction-dependent.
For example, in Sacramento City you cannot order ANYTHING firearm related, even springs and screws, to your own address.
I live in Sacramento County, and no restriction (yet) exists.

I can order hardware, bullets, primers, powder, brass, parts, magazines (CA legal) without restriction.


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