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I looked at what Classic Terrible Science Fiction is going to be on Svengoolie this weekend (Empire of the Ants), then looked up the cast.  Robert Lansing is one member.  Hmmm....looked at his filmography, lots of one off television gigs including Star Trek and Twilight Zone, a long stretch on 12 O'clock High.

Looked up his Twilight Zone episode and found a listing of actors who played in that series.  There are a lot of Names who were in at least one episode, including Buster Keaton.



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Twilight Zone was even better than The Love Boat for the variety of actors.... At least on the Twilight Zone you didn't have to be a washed up or mostly retired to be on it.  Everybody, new actors and classic actors all ended up on it.  One of my favorites had Charles Bronson and Elizabeth Montgomery.  She always was beautiful, First thoughts of her is always a blond witch, but she looked fantastic as a brunette too.


The Twilight Zone" Two (TV Episode 1961) - IMDb

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2 hours ago, Marshal Mo Hare, SASS #45984 said:

I think everybody who ever was anybody was in one episode of twilight zone


A lot of up and coming actors on that show, as well as long established ones.


Going through that list I recognized most of the names and/or faces.  Either leading stars or people who were major supporting actors.

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