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Great Train Robbery shoot or similar events.

H. K. Uriah, SASS #74619

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It's time to start preliminary plans for next summer.  I remember a few years ago someone described a side match held somewhere out West where you used a derringer, pocket pistol, main match revolver, 1911, bolt action military rifle, main match rifle, and a whole buncha other guns in 1 event called "The Great Train Robbery."  Does this event, or something similar to it still exist anywhere, and if so, when?  I really wanna try something like this, and I want to plan for it.

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They hold a train robbery on the Grand Canyon Railroad just north of Williams, Az. when it’s on its way back from the canyon, they don’t let you participate. Maybe Utah Bob can answer for the Durango Silverton. 

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Our club, the Robbers Roost Vigilantes in Ridgecrest, CA, put on that event on side match day at our annual, Defend the Roost. We don’t do our annual anymore, and although we philosophize about setting up a train robbery from time to time, we haven’t done it since. It was very popular, and also included 22s, a single shot rifle, and shotgun along with the guns you mentioned. It took the fast guys well over a minute to shoot it. We used moving targets, flyers, knockdown racks—it was a blast.  As far as I know, Just George came up with idea. And he was also the reason we did Defend the Roost and hosted the state BP match a time or two. 

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