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Cowboy reenactments across the US - where are they? What's good?

Robin Trains SASS 80595

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Howdy folks,

I am planning a trip to the American South west in 2024 and thought to align with an event, festival or some such centered around the 'wild west'. Being all the way over here in the Carolina's I don't have much first hand knowledge on this and wanted to ask ya'll!

An example of what I am seeking is a special weekend in Tombstone as seen here :


What else might I want to consider when planning a trip? I can go any week I wish, and obviously cant do it all... but would love to get a hot-list of special events in ghost towns, reenactment centers and famous spots around... from Tombstone to Deadwood (not in the SW - but I'm thinking 'bout it!)

And yes, before anyone points it out, there is our very own, venerable, SASS events such as End of Trail. I'm looking for the other stuff ;)

Many thanks to all!
~Robin Trains

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Helldorado was held the week before the Bordertown SASS match this year.  You could have enjoyed the event and then shot a fine match.

There's Cowboy Christmas in Las Vegas, NV in December.

The Gathering of the Nations POW WOW in Albuq. in April.

If driving down I-40 be sure to visit the Cowboy Museum in Oklahoma City.

There's Chuck Wagon/Dinner shows in several locations.  The ones in Durango and Ruidoso are good.  I have not been to those in Estes Park or Colorado Springs in a long time.  Ride the steam train to Silverton if visiting Durango.

There are goofy gunfights in many locations.  A local SASS shooter hosts one in Old Town ABQ.

The museums in Abilene, TX and Dodge City, KS are both worth visiting.  I also like Scottsdale's Western Spirit/Museum of the West.

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If you get to the Black Hills our club "robs" the 1880 Steam Train that runs from Hill City to Keystone every Sunday in June and July and probably August in 2024. dKh-bwXT8_V1Iuj9QNxhjRENm9CAoVlcTAjwrenqr_fCIasvKfMqk1T_QrDQlK1UK-usVUEENidJe0YjYxZpxhoHcqCfavw_zWzjcLIQlEsiCjnge97FznLYSenr28h6jy41i3kkOaZHyN4MXBPihttps://tedsteinke.smugmug.com/Cowboy-Action-Shooting-and-Train-Robbery-Videos/9-3-2023-1880-Train-Robbery-/n-Kghp45

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Goldfield Ghost Town in Apache Junction, AZ is a cool visit if you're in the area. They also have "shootouts" there on occasion; can probably look it up. 


And if you're already in the area, go up to Tortilla Flat for some chili and prickly pear ice cream. It's about 13 miles away from the ghost town.


It's too bad the Bill Johnson's Big Apple shut down, or I'd recommend going there for food. It was a western-themed place with lots of memorabilia, sawdust on the floor and waitresses with six-guns; it was a hoot!


Another place that's practically frozen in time, is Crown King, AZ. No shootouts though (probably...lol); just a remote mining town in the Bradshaw Mountains with a saloon/hotel, general store and a restaurant or two. Plenty of scenic camping available too. You can go up the "front way" by car, through Bumble Bee or the "back way" with a capable 4x4 and some experience behind the wheel.



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*Old Tucson movie set / amusement park. 


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